Termites affect over 600,000 homes every year causing over $5 billion in damages. They are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. While termites are small and can go unnoticed for a period of time, they do leave behind some signs of their presence.
If you have noticed any of the following indicators but are not complete positive your home or a home you are considering buying has been affected by termites, you can schedule a termite inspection with our pest control experts to get the peace of mind—or termite treatment you need.
  • Mud tubes over the sidewalk or driveway, porch, exterior of the home, or around windows or doorways.
  • Several dead or dying trees in the yard or trees that appear to be covered in mud tubes.
  • A neighbor was recently treated for termites.
  • Sawdust-looking particles on the floors, around windowsills or doorways, or near baseboards.
Our termite exterminators are experts at identifying the presence of termites or reassuring you that your home is free and clear of these destructive wood-eating insects.


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