While some of the smallest pests to infiltrate a home, termites can be one of the most destructive—causing billions in damages every year! Termites are wood-eating insects capable of destroying the very structure of your home—damage that is often excluded from homeowner’s insurance, so it is vital to watch for signs and have you home treated immediately if termites are confirmed.


Termite presence often goes unseen until significant damage is experienced, like a wall or section of roof collapsing. While they are known as “silent destroyers,” termites can leave behind signs of their presence and the damage they are causing your home.
  • Sawdust-looking particles near baseboards, floors, beams, and other surfaces near wood.
  • Gaps between wooden joints that you didn’t think were there before.
  • Hollow-sounding wood when knocked on.
  • Mud tubes or tunnels on trees in your yard or on the exterior of your home.
  • Trees in your yard are dying.
  • Something appears to have eaten away at the wood you use in your fireplace or for bonfires.
  • You’ve seen swarms of flying insects outside.


Termites are subterranean, meaning they build their nests underground, usually near a wood source (like your home) and burrow into the wood to consume it. If burrowing is not an option, like when traveling over porches or over your home’s stucco, termites will create tubed tunnels to travel from their nest to their food source. 

These tubes enable them to create an extensive network in and around your home, eating at the wood beams that make up your walls and housing structure—slowly destroying it from the inside out. 

To save your home from extensive damage or complete destruction, professional termite extermination and treatment is necessary. Our termite control works to remove the termites from your home and eliminate them at their source—their nest—and provide you with the information you need to keep them away for good.


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