There are many different breeds of roaches, especially here in Southwest Florida—including our own palmetto bugs—that pose health risks, ruin food, and carry disease. Cockroaches of all kinds are the most common pest found in homes and one of the toughest to exterminate due to their high reproduction rate, knack for hiding in crevices, and ability to go weeks without food.


This saying holds true with cockroaches. These insects emit pheromones and chemicals in their waste to attract mates, so it is common for them to congregate in the same area of your home as they attract other roaches to their location. 

Cockroaches love areas that are dark and moist—and the smaller the crack, the better. Under sinks, floorboards, baseboards, and behind walls are just some of the places they hide. They can also consume nearly anything organic to survive—from food crumbs to old newspapers.


Cockroaches contaminate the surfaces they touch—they carry diseases, like Salmonella, and leave behind waste and germs wherever they go. In addition, areas infected with roaches are often attributed with an awful smell—the result of the roach presence, which can affect those who have asthma.


Cockroach extermination can be difficult to attempt on your own. Store bought bug “bombs,” sprays, and poisoned food traps can help reduce visible traces of roaches in a home, but these treatment methods are often just driving the roach infestation into harder to reach areas. Cockroaches can hide in the smallest of crevices to avoid sprays or chemical fogs and go an extensive period of time without food, so poison food traps and other store-bought solutions end up not being enough to eliminate your roach infestation. Other DIY treatment and prevention options often include:
  • Eliminating water intrusion and damp material
  • Tight lids on trash cans and countertops clear of food
  • Food stored in airtight containers or packages
  • Frequently floor cleanings (sweeping, vacuuming)
A professional exterminator can help to fully rid your home of these dreaded creatures by knowing not only where to look for nesting areas but also the proper pesticides needed (and how and where to apply them) to completely rid the infestation at its heart, while maintaining the safety of your home.


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