The bee removal experts of Cornerstone Termite and Pest Control understand the need between balancing the benefits of bees and the risk they can pose to you and your home.


Bees are the world’s most important pollinators, especially for food crops! It is vital to the declining bee population to schedule a professional bee removal rather than using chemical sprays to kill bees or destroying their hive. In addition to risking the bee population, these chemical sprays can also be harmful to people and other animals if it is inhaled, consumed (either eating the deceased bee or plant life that was exposed to the spray), or comes into contact with the skin or eyes. 

Bees are important—but they are stinging insects who can be territorial of their hive, so bee removal is often necessary to reduce the risk of being stung. Although less than 8% of people will experience a severe allergic reaction when stung by a bee, taking the risk of a bee presence can be dangerous, even fatal, for those who do.

Bees can also form a hive is the most unusual of places—like under the stucco of your exterior wall, eave or soffit of your roof, and children’s playsets—as well as more expected areas like hollowed out trees or in bushes. Beehives, under the right conditions can become quite massive, which can be detrimental if the hive is in or becoming a part of your home. 

Bee removal is the ideal means of removing a beehive (and its habitants) safely, for you and them.


Both wasps and hornets are classified as pollinating insects, just as bees are; however, these insects are often more intimidating, more aggressive, and more territorial of their hive—and often have a more painful sting. Hives belonging to wasps and hornets can also be removed for the safety of the hive and your home.


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